Wednesday, October 14, 2009

More Huskies

Secret Tracks (She's a Bitch)

Friday night, we've broken up.
My mind said 'you such a fucked up'.
All i know, People keep telling me that u like a whore.
And i don't want to be with you anymore.

When first time we met, My heart can't stop beating.
Even know she sucks but i don't give a shit!
Now i know she use me up to be with someone else.

Fuck you bitch u make me sick, You just like my dick and u such a shit! shit! shit!.
You're an asshole loser, You're fucking motherfuckers.
You're little prick busher, Go to hell you cock sucker oh yeah!

Yeah! She's a bitch!
Yeah! She's a bitch!
Yeah! She's a bitch! bitch! bitch!
Yeah! She's a bitch!

Lyrics: Naufael
By: The Huskies